Have yourself a day, Andrew.

Boston fell behind early after Gary Sanchez belted a two-run liner to right which found it’s way over the fence to score two runs for the Evil Empire.

In the third, Luis Severino loaded the bases after two consecutive walks and fielding error. Mookie Betts, being the superstar he is, drove in two on single which was grounded to left field.
Andrew “Benny Biceps” Benintendi crushed what was eventually his first of two three-run Johnsons.
If King Kong over there for the Yankees continues to slump for the rest of the season, Andrew could quite possibly sneak up and snag that Rookie of the Year award.

Being the third batter in the fifth inning with two men on, Benintendi smacked his second, three-runner of the day.

Rafael Devers drove in the final two Red Sox runs with a two-run double later in the same inning.

Robby Scott, whom was just recalled today was given the nod to try and successfully close the door in the ninth inning. Buy he failed. Miserably.
The first two batters he faced, both took him deep which put the Sox only at a five run lead.

Drew Pomeranz finished his day with 6.2 innings after allowing three runs over seven hits and a two walks. Good stuff.

Final Score
Red Sox 10
Yankees 5